Carp Shooting
Carp Shooting

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Lombard, IL


The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush !

Flinging arrows at flyin' fish and more.

Fish on a stick!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have never bowfished or shot a bow before...what can I expect?

   This is an awesome way to start shooting.  Many first timers join us with very simple instruction and start nailing fish right from the start.  The bows are light weight (poundage of pull) and will fit kids, women and right up through grown men.


How many people can we bring on a trip?

   Comfortably, four people (clients) can shoot without any trouble and bumping into one another. 


How long do the trips last?

   Most trips will be a minimum of 3-4 hours but can run possibly longer.  If we get hot and heavy into fish, we hate to quit too!


Are there any hidden or addtional expenses?

   Your flat rate covers everything (you must provide your own fishing license). Gratuities are also appreciated and are based solely on you.  Some people give a flat amount and others give 10-15% of the cost of the charter.


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